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Scott Showalter

Ford Motor Company
Agile Experience Architect
United States
For over 10 years, Scott has been pushing teams to thrive at versatilely hand-crafting experiences for users of digital products and physical services in a diversity of industries including security, banking, media, dining, public transit and mobility. He helps people navigate the ins-and-outs of the treacherous path towards cohesive software craftsmanship by empathizing with teams struggling to discover their ideal flow state and coaching principles of agile, lean and human-centered design in life-enriching ways that unlock self-awareness & autonomy. Scott encourages teams to look beyond tools and process; to foster a harmonious work life by understanding the journey of our fellow teammates and the people for whom we create products & experiences together, and by diving deeper into the exploration of the problem spaces we encounter to grok the true needs that enable us to activate valuable future states for our customers.

Scott has a dynamic presentation style, delivering learning in diverse ways for many different types of learners, and he threads humor throughout everything he teaches to help drive his points home and make them memorable. Scott enjoys attending conferences & meetups just as much as speaking, both gaining and imparting wisdom among fellow colleagues about creating teams that can work adaptively to solve meaningful problems that the people who use their products or services actually care about. He runs 4 active Agile & Lean UX meetups in the Great Lakes region that serve over a thousand designers, engineers and product leaders.